About me


Hi I am Olivia, a stay at home mum to 3 active children, a husband and 8 chooks. We live in regional Victoria, Australia and moved here 2 years ago from the UK (I’m actually a Kiwi).

We as a family are vegetarian and enjoy trying many different foods, or not….toddlers in the house!  I have a internal drive to prove to people that vegetarian food is yummy, filling and exciting.

I have a mixed family history so our food influences are from New Zealand, UK and America.

I am not a chef or even foodie trained. Prior to having the children I was a Dental Hygienist and loved the contact I had daily with my patients.I miss that contact so I decided that blogging allowed me to share my recipes and food adventures with others.

Life is busy, I don’t disbelieve anyone who says the same who have children. I wanted to try to create recipes that fulfil and tick all the boxes. I noticed over the years that the food that gets cooked at home has changed to fit in with the kids ages and stages  (not as gourmet as it used to be and time is short).

Inspiration some times is the hardest to get a hold of when you get a 2-year-old saying ‘yuck’ to everything that is put in front of them and instead of reaching for the frozen ready meal or sweet and salty laden food find something that is enjoyed by all.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not preaching nor am I perfect. I try to use everything in moderation and make sure we all have a balanced diet.

I hope you enjoy the adventures from my blog and have fun and be inspired cooking my recipes.



5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Liv, you will love Anna Jones book ” a modern way to eat”. If you haven’t already got it on your shelf, you should have a look. Thanks for ideas for the kids, I am often stumped by the unwillingness to try anything new! Linda

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    • Thanks linda! No I don’t have that book…yet! I will be having a wee look though 🙂 add to my list of wants! I have a notebook full of recipes to add to my blog so I will keep posting. I just need to find a few more hours in my day! Cheers linda


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  3. Hi Liv,
    Not sure how I stumbled across your blog but it’s great. Well done and the photos look good enough to eat. Sounds like you are a very busy person these days. Keep up the good work. Catching up with Lauren, Donna (I hope) and Sarah on Sat in Tauranga. Will write an email to update you with all the news.
    Cheers Bev L x

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  4. You are BEAUTIFUL. Everything about your blog speaks of sustainable living, whole foods and family nourishment… such a warm, inviting space. So interesting to see how many influences (food and general) you’ve picked up along your travels! I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for finding me on Instagram lovely! xx


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